Petitioners & Comments

Petitioners listed by year of graduation (most recent first) 64 total so far …

Stage ’90

Michael Neill

Angus Wright

Stage ’89

Joanne Adams

Sarah Ball

David Beeler

Georgian Dacombe

Ian Dunn

Jonathan Firth

Iain Charles Hake

Darren Lawrence

Louise Mappley

Edward Max

Sean McLevy

Lisa Orgolini

Jonathan Rigby

Clara Salaman

David Monteath

Linsay Cooper

Stage ’88

Geoffrey Cantor

Doug Fields

Erica Grant

Virginia Hammer

Eric Loren Hershenson

John Johnson

Kerry Peers

Carol Starks

Sara Stewart

Tony Stowers

Stage ’87

Susannah Harker

Mel Hudson

Laurence Kennedy

Gregor McElvogue

Trevyn McGowan

Nick Palliser

Stage ’85

George Roth

Hilary Tones

Mark Zingale

Stage ’84

Neil Caple

Bill Champion

Robin Freeman

Dean Hollingsworth

William Osborne

Amanda Royle

Paul Webster

Stage ’83

Michael Balie

Mark Barnasuik

Anthony Brown

Mark Carey

Richard Fallon

Margaret Goldthorpe

Nick Hughes

Colin McPhillamy

Keith Osborn

Gino Principato

Matilda Thorpe

Tim Watson

Stage ’82

Michael Chance

Eryl Maynard

Stage ’81

Tanveer Ghani

Max Gold

Colin Hurley

Stage ’80

Leonnie Mellinger


Stage Management ’81

Billie Williams

Teaching ’58

Catherine Fitzmaurice

Acting 1953 

Barrie Hesketh

Others who have signed the petition (in order of signing: 33) plus those with comments (30) Total so far: 63

Richard Fallon (Stage ’83)

Neil Caple (Stage 84)

Anthony Brown (Stage ’83)

Tim Watson (Stage ’83)

Michael Balie (Stage ’83)

Billie Williams (Stage Management ’81)

Keith Osborn (Stage ’83)

Colin Hurley (Stage ’81)

Michael Chance (Stage ’82)

Tanveer Ghani (Stage ’81)

Jonathan Firth (Stage ’89)

Georgiana Dacombe (Stage ’89)

Lisa Orgolini (Stage ’89)

Michael Neill (Stage 90)

Louise Mappley (Stage ’89)

Joanne Adams (Stage ’89)

Angus Wright (Stage ’90)

Clara Salaman (Stage ’89)

William Osborne (Stage ’84)

Eryl Maynard (Stage ’82)

Sara Stewart (Stage ’88)

Eric Loren Hershenson (Stage ’88)

Carol Starks (Stage ’88)

John Johnson (Stage ’88)

Jonathan Rigby (Stage ’89)

Trevyn McGowan (Stage ’87)

Mel Hudson (Stage ’89)

Kerry Peers (Stage ’88)

Doug Fields (Stage 89)

Nick Palliser (Stage 87)

Gregor McElvogue (Stage ’87)

Erica Grant (Stage ’88)

Susannah Harker (Stage ’87)


Geoffrey Hitch

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