August 2014

I had a useful and informative conversation with Dr. Andrew Redford, the Deputy Academic Registrar at Royal Central, who will now be guiding the process.

Here is a summary of what he told me:

1. He is currently working on a feasibility study for a conversion programme from Diploma to Degree along the lines we have proposed.

2. The development of a course goes through several stages before it is finally approved. As I understand it, there will be an initial feasibility study, which if approved leads to the design of the course and the course document. This is then subject to a validation review which involves external subject specialists. The Validation Panel’s report is then discussed by Academic Board who then approve the course document following any suggested revisions from the Panel being made.

3. This approval process will take until July 2015 (the final meeting of Academic Board of the year).

4. If approved, a course could possibly be in place by the beginning of the academic year (October) 2015.

5. It is too early to talk about the format of the course or possible costs.

6. I have asked Dr. Redford that he and I maintain a loose contact over the next year, so that we can periodically pass on information.

7. I believe it is intended to offer the course, subject to approval, to Diploma graduates of other drama schools as well as Central.

1 thought on “Updates”

  1. barrie hesketh (early 1950s) said:

    very glad this is on its way – keep in contact please.

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