Why you might consider the Conversion Program 

A Degree has become an entry-level requirement for almost any professional activity. But almost everyone who has expressed an interest has also been concerned about cost (me included), therefore …

1) The proposal suggests a fee in the area of £1,000 to £2,000. Consider that per-year fees for undergraduate degrees currently run as high as £9,000 ($15,000).

2) A Degree would open doors of opportunity for teaching work, and for higher study in theatre arts and other disciplines.

3) We have enough expressions of interest to start a conversion program. But there is no knowing whether there would be enough interest to sustain a second year, or years beyond that. This opportunity, if it arises, might not last very long.

How the Conversion Program could work

The following is an outline of how the suggested Conversion Program might be structured.

1) It is not a full time one-year course.

2) Credit is given for prior learning, e.g.: a Diploma course and by assessment of current C.V.

3) Written work is managed by a tutorial system where students can liaise and agree appropriate subjects for easy topics. ‘Learned Essays’ earn credits.

The Politics

The school has been sympathetic to this cause. There is recognition on all sides that the issue affects many people.

However, it is not entirely up to Royal Central—yes, there has to be a willingness in the institution to undertake the necessary work—but the case may finally be decided by the higher authorities at London University and the QAA (Quality Assurance Agency).

In Australia the NIDA conversion program was instigated at government insistence. Will the UK authorities will show similarly forward thinking?



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