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It is now more than 5 years since this website was established following multiple approaches to the Central administration over the years.

Finally, after an extended campaign involving many levels of persuasion, Central agreed to offer a conversion course to enable diplomates to become degree holders. The plan was to offer the course in September 2017.

The year long course was not publicized in any way (indeed it was kept more or less secret) and offered at a cost of £5,000. despite best efforts of this site, most previous graduates were unaware of this development, and the majority of those who were felt that the cost was ridiculously high in light of the fact that it was essentially a charge for studies long ago completed.

Ironically most diplomate graduates have demonstrated substantial professional accomplishment without a degree. But in today’s hyper-bureaucratic environment are frequently passed over for teaching appointments, Positions where they could make a unique contribution. 

Unsurprisingly, the take-up was insufficient to make a quorum and the course did not go forward.

The simplest, fairest action would be to grant horary degrees to all diplomates.